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This site is assembled so crystal and mineral fans can entertain themselves with a plenty of crystal data and quality photographs!

We have a regularly growing crystal and mineral reference book. You even get the chance to share your perspectives and encounters by means of the remark fields at the base of every crystal’s page!

About Crystal

A crystal or crystalline strong is a strong material whose constituents, (for example, particles, atoms, or particles) are masterminded in an exceptionally requested infinitesimal structure, shaping a crystal cross section that reaches out every which way. What’s more, plainly visible single crystals are typically recognizable by their geometrical shape, comprising of level appearances with explicit, trademark directions. The logical investigation of crystals and crystal development is known as crystallography. The procedure of crystal development by means of components of crystal development is called crystallization or cementing.

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The scientific definition of a “crystal” is based on the microscopic arrangement of atoms inside it, called the crystal structure. A crystal is a solid where the atoms form a periodic arrangement.

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