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Crystals, crystal treatment and elixirs work since crystals normally re-balance the progression of our vitality.

Each cell in our body has an electrical potential and water always moving through it. Blood plasma is over 90% water and in it is all that we have to live; everything is appropriated through streams of water around our body.

As water is a polar particle, which means water will react to an electrical charge and crystals have a characteristic electrical impact, setting crystals on our bodies in matrices, holding, wearing or drinking crystal water will adjust the electrical charge in our bodies.

One of the electrical impacts of crystals is known as a PIEZOELECTRIC impact, brought about by weight, and the other a PYROELECTRIC impact, which is brought about by an adjustment in temperature, heat. Quartz crystal likewise has a strong state electric field, which influences a generally huge territory of 2-3 feet. The size of the crystal does not influence the electrical properties; be that as it may, some of the time with the bigger crystals you see the vitality more. Because of their nuclear structure, crystals hold a steady engaged vibration/recurrence, which makes them an ideal instrument in helping us to discharge clogged vitality.

Water will react to its living conditions; poor conditions will mean poor water quality. Dr Masaru Emoto investigations of solidified water crystals have indicated how water reacts to our contemplations, discourse and music.

A crystal is for the most part a strong mass of minerals; these minerals can tumble from the sky, giving us bits of Meteorites and/or when they hit the Earth, the warmth produced from the ‘arrival’ can make minerals meld. Moldavite is a crystal that conformed to 14.8 million years back when a huge shooting star collided with the earth; logical speculations contrast on whether Moldavite is an outcome in the accident arrival or it is simply the shooting star.

There are minerals in all things, including us, plants, soil and creatures, so crystals can frame anyplace that there is an abundance of minerals inside an answer, for example water. The downpour, ocean or stream water will channel through the world’s layers getting the minerals as it depletes through. When it arrives at a point where it is over immersed with minerals or the water has vanished, the crystal particles will remain and begin to shape a crystal as we have here. Over a time of a large number or even a great many years the mineral aggregation structures stalactites starting from the top, or stalagmites from the base up. Warmth, weight and the measure of room the crystal needs to develop will manage how the crystal will shape. Various minerals will figure out what kind of crystal will develop. On the off chance that there is an adjustment in the ‘living’ conditions there is an opportunity the crystal will have considerations (different crystals inside a crystal) or will change totally into another crystal for instance Limonite after Pyrite or from Amethyst into Citrine.

This is the reason Crystal Therapy is so viable and can manage pressure. Crystal Therapy will help your certainty and confidence, and help unwinding and rest.

For a basic examination make your very own elixirs by taking 4 glasses of sifted water and dropping into every one of three of the glasses an alternate clean crystal tumble stone, for example, Rose Quartz, Quartz and Amethyst leaving one glass without a tumble stone. Leave them for about thirty minutes or progressively, at that point taste the distinction between them.